Mark shows a giant toad and some humongous beetle larvae to Conan O'Brien.

Go behind the scenes and hear photographer and National Geographic grantee Mark Moffett talk about his career, what inspires and influences his work, and his most memorable adventures.

National Geographic photographer Mark Moffett recounts his unexpectedly hilarious expedition to a remote valley in Colombia to document an elusive and highly poisonous "superfrog."
(World Science Festival)

"Dr. Bugs" Moffett Has Drugged-Out Toads, Sex-Champ Ants - CONAN on TBS

Mark W. Moffett spoke to Googlers in Mountain View on March 11, 2011 about his book Adventures Among Ants: A Global Safari with a Cast of Trillions.

A new book by explorer naturalist Mark W. Moffett explores the secret world of the anthill. The Scientist

Colbert talks pollination with Mark

Colbert talks frogs with Mark

Colbert talks ants for the second time with Mark

Colbert talks ants for the first time with Mark

Video Lectures and Public Discussions

A video of me in the field by Melissa Wells won the Reader’s Choice award for best science video (a “Labby”) from the Scientist Magazine, and was chosen as one of the must-see science videos of 2011 by

A video of a botfly emerging from my hand, has been popular on youtube and was used for a time at Yale medical school.  Think of it as the closest experience a man can have to giving birth. Prepare to be awed (or terrified):

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