Doctor Bugs


My Scientific American article Ants and the Art of War is included in the 2012 edition of Best American Science and Nature Writing.

In 2008, I was a Poynter Journalism Fellow, previously bestowed at Yale on such luminaries as Arianna Huffington, Charlie Rose, David Brooks, Al Franken, Bob Woodward,
Judy Woodruff and Paul Steiger.

I have won the Bowdoin Medal, Harvard's prestigious writing prize, awarded annually since 1745.

A few favorite articles:

For a humorous “take” at ant studies,
read my 2012 article in Nature.

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My article for Outside Magazine recounts the tragic story of Joe Slowinski, the brilliant cobra expert who died next to me in a remote region of Burma after being bitten by a snake, within an hour of the Twin Towers falling on September 11. My account has been reprinted several times, including books Back Road to Crazy and Adrenaline.

My favorite Smithsonian Magazine article concerns the first American scientific expedition to Iran in many years—new species and near kidnappings, what more could you want?

A National Wildlife Magazine article describes one of my expeditions with Venezuelan explorer Charles Brewer-Carias to explore tepuis— the flat-topped mountains that inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World. Charles is a colorful and infamous subject of Patrick Tierney's (wildly inaccurate) bestseller, Darkness in El Dorado. 

I often publish in Ranger Rick, the wonderful children’s magazine of the National Wildlife Federation. Click here for an example story, Doctor Bugs, for the children’s magazine, National Geographic Explorer.

National Geographic Magazine articles since 1999:

November 2012: Namibia’s Termite Castles

June 2012: Where the weird things are: Socotra
    (author Mel White)*

May 2011: Sisterhood of the weavers
    (author Douglas Chadwick)*

March 2011: Gold Dusters
    (author Jennifer Holland)*

August 2007:  New Discoveries from the World of the Ant
    (Watch a National Geographic interview about this story here).

May 2007: Bulldog Ants: The Lone Huntress

November 2006: Mushrooms: A Photojournalist’s essay

August 2006: Army Ants: Inside the Ranks
    (Watch a National Geographic interview about this story here).

January 2006: The Mantid: Armed and Dangerous

July 2004: Wind Scorpions

March 2004: The Rainforest in Rio’s Backyard

    (Watch a National Geographic interview about this story here). 

March 2004: Frog Stories from the Atlantic Coastal Forest

April 2002: China’s Hengduan Mountains
(author Virginia Morell)*

May 2001: Ants and Plants: Tree Fortresses

May 2000: Ants and Plants: Friends and Foes

February 1999: Ants and Plants: A Profitable Partnership

*    For the last 5 years I have focused on writing books,
     and the articles with an asterisk contain my photographs
     but were written by others.